The students in the UNE MS Applied Nutrition online course APN 601, Trends and Issues in Nutrition and Global Food Systems, have spent time choosing a controversial topic in nutrition and combing the literature to find scholarly work to help inform their position in a formal position paper. This scientific paper is something that nutrition professionals would enjoy reading; however, the general public does not relate to multiple references and pages of writing. Being able to give valid and relatable nutrition guidance is a cornerstone of providing nutrition advice. So, to take scientific work and make it easily read and understood by a “lay” audience, the students shrank their papers to a blog post that was readable and eye catching.  We hope when you read these blog posts you learn some new information and they help to spark some interesting conversations. Please feel free to contact Ellie Dodge, Program Manager, at with any questions, comments or concerns.

Course description:

Current trends and issues relating to nutrition, food, and food products are examined. Topics may include the organic movement, nutrition and health related product trends in modern society, food and the economy, food politics and food labeling. Global food systems and trends will be explored.  Socio-cultural and socioeconomic impacts on food behaviors and health will be discussed. Students will apply course concepts to their practice and/or area of study and expertise.